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.01 General
  1. Refer to the PSU TNS (Office of Telecommunications and Network Services) Minimum Standards for Telecommunications Facilities for requirements.
  2. Room Grounding Requirements
    1. Provide a wall mount bare copper ground bus in each communication equipment room (on insulated supports).  Bus to be minimum 1/4 inch by 2 inch by 24 inches long, mounted on insulators.  Run bare copper ground to main ground bus near electrical service entrance equipment.  Run minimum 4/0 copper conductor to the service entrance ground bus.

27 05 43 Underground Ducts and Raceways for Communications Systems

.01 Underground Conduit
  1. Communication conduit shall be 5-inch PVC.  Type EB is acceptable.  Elbows shall be long-sweep rigid steel to prevent abrasion during cable installation.
  2. All conduits shall be concrete-encased.  Require steel reinforcing under traffic areas.  Specify a minimum of 24" conduit cover in non-traffic areas, and 30" cover under traffic areas.  Install a traceable marking tape above the concrete envelope.
  3. Run a minimum of six conduits between manholes; run at least four conduits from the manhole to a major building.
  4. Test all conduits after installation to verify that none are blocked or crushed.  Upon completion of testing, install a minimum 300#-test, non-degradable pull line in each conduit.
  5. Coordinate conduit location and quantity with Engineering Services and TNS.
  6. Contact Engineering Services for typical CADD details.
.02 Manholes
  1. Telecommunication manholes shall be precast or poured in place with pulling irons and cable supports.  Minimum size shall be 8' x 8' x 7' inside clear, coordinate exact size with Engineering Services
  2. Manholes shall be fitted with nonlocking-type frame and cover suitable for highway use.  Cover shall meet applicable PennDOT standards and have the word "TELEPHONE" cast in 3" letters.  Opening shall be 30" clear.
  3. Factory end bells shall be used where conduits penetrate manhole walls.
  4. Grounding – All electrical systems shall be suitably grounded, including all non-current carrying metallic components of all equipment and metallic conducts.  Grounding shall be accomplished as required by the National Electrical Code.
  5. Contact Engineering Services for typical CADD details.