05 00 01 Owner General Requirements and Design Intent

.01 General
  1. Ornamental Metal Work (Architectural)
    The University prefers that ornamental metal work, if possible, be constructed of anodized aluminum.
  2. Metal Handrails Interior
    1. Handrails should be aluminum or plastic covered steel.
    2. Handrails of rectangular cross sections are not acceptable.
    3. Rails shall be oval or round.
    4. Rails shall not terminate with open ends.  They shall return to wall or in the case of an isolated center rail, it shall return to the post.
    5. Where rails change direction, the corner shall be made with as large a radius as possible.
  3. Metal Handrails Exterior
    Exterior steps should have railings at open sides and a center railing, if required by applicable code, of bronze or aluminum, not less than two (2) inches in diameter, and securely anchored.
  4. Caps
    Where end caps or post caps are required, they should be permanently fastened by welding or with rivets or screws which cannot be easily removed.

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