.01 Sprinklers
  1. Sprinklers should be wet pipe systems except where project requirements dictate otherwise.
  2. Sprinkler work should include water-flow alarm devices and tamper switches.
  3. Provide tamper switches on control valves when required by code, by the underwriters, or the owner.
  4. Sprinkler systems shall be in accordance with NFPA 13 and FM Global Data Sheet 2-8N.  Sprinkler systems shall have:
    1. An automatic water supply of adequate pressure, capacity, and reliability.
    2. Definite maximum protection area per sprinkler and indicated on the drawings with a schedule of location, type, coverage and sprinkler size.
    3. Location of sprinklers coordinated with all other trades to provide clearances and obtain suitable sensitivity.  Close proximity to possible interferences shall be indicated on the drawings.
    4. Coordinate with architect's reflected ceiling plan.
  5. Either hydraulic calculations or pipe schedule tables shall be utilized for system design.  All calculations, flow data, and other design criteria shall be submitted for review.

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