.01 Standpipe Systems
  1. Standpipe systems should be wet pipe systems.
  2. Provide control valves on all risers and branches with three or more hose outlets.
  3. Riser control valves shall be located with the approval of the University.
  4. Branch piping for hose valve shall be minimum 2 1/2" for maximum of 20 feet.
  5. Provide 2 1/2" hose valves with 1 1/2" threaded reducers with chained caps.
  6. Hose valves shall be located so that all floor areas are within 100 feet of hose using a 30-foot hose system.
  7. Provide water flow alarm devices and tamper switches.
  8. Installation shall comply with latest edition of NFPA 14 "Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems" and FM Global Data Sheet 4-4N.

.02 Combination Systems
  1. In combination systems, sprinkler connections may be taken from the fire standpipe risers.
  2. Standpipe work (plumbing) will terminate in a control valve with tamper switch for the sprinkler connection.
  3. For alterations (adding sprinklers) in existing buildings, insure the minimum acceptable water supply for the combined system.

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