21 00 01 Owner General Requirements and Design Intent

.01 General
  1. Provide fire protection systems unless exempted by the local code, and FM Global.  A fire standpipe protection for buildings during construction should be referenced to the requirements of the code, the fire department and FM Global.
  2. If requested by the University, an approved automatic fire-suppression system shall be provided where solvents and/or explosive materials are stored or used, and in kitchens over appliances which produce grease-laden vapors.
  3. Professional Note:  The University has established specific quality assurance requirements for installation of sprinkler systems protecting areas of 1,000 square feet or greater in new buildings and renovation projects.  Consult with the University Project Manager for the proper terminology to be incorporated in the project specifications.

.02 Design
  1. Design systems in accordance with the local code, the requirements of the local fire department, BOCA, applicable NFPA Standards and FM Global standards.
  2. For a few isolated sprinklers, use 100 square feet, ordinary hazard pipe schedule with sprinklers at least 50° above ambient temperature.  A fire department pumper connection is not required.  Water flow and valve tamper should be monitored.  Inspector's test is required at the end of the system, along with a drain close to the control valve.

.03 Submittals and Approvals
  1. All devices and equipment installed in the systems must be approved and listed by Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual Research Corp., (FMRC).
  2. Early contact with FM Global by the Professional is suggested.
  3. Prior to final approvals by the University, the Professional shall submit plans and specifications to FM Global for their approval and submit these approvals to the University.
  4. Final Contractor's shop drawings and specifications shall be submitted to FM Global for their approval prior to submittal to the Professional for his approval.

.04 Hydrant Tests
  1. All projects involving street-pressure sprinkler systems, street-pressure fire standpipe systems or fire pumps require hydrant tests on the mains in all streets that could be used to feed the building.  Since these tests take time to get, they should be initiated as soon as possible at the start of a project.  Have a hydrant flow test made by the local water department, water company, or FM Global.  At University Park, flow data is available from the Utilities System Engineer.  Any flow data obtained from University utilities or local water departments should be confirmed with FM Global before being used for design basis.

.05 Utilities (Refer to Division 33 00 00)

.06 Mechanical Rooms
  1. Comply with Space Planning for Engineered Building System requirements in Introduction.
  2. Coordinate and comply with other applicable mechanical room requirements as described in 23 00 01.06.

.07 Janitor Rooms
  1. Janitor rooms are not accessible to maintenance employees.  Therefore, mechanical equipment, valves, electric panels, thermostats, etc. are not to be placed in these rooms.

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