21 30 00 FIRE PUMPS

.01 General Requirements
  1. Size fire pumps as required by the local code, the fire chief or fire marshal, or FM Global, whichever is greater.
    1. For motor-driven pumps, select 3,500 rpm rather than 1,750 rpm whenever a choice is available.
    2. Refer to NFPA Standard 20 for data on fire pumps.
  2. Fire-pump heads shall include the pressure required at the top of the system, total system height, system friction, and the minimum available suction pressure.
  3. When no emergency generators are being provided in the project, check with the underwriters if an engine drive is required for the fire pump.  The University prefers diesel engine drive.
  4. Provide fire pumps with a valved cross-connection between discharge and suction (inside the control valves) for testing.
    1. 3 inch for 500 gpm pump.
    2. 4 inch for 750 gpm and larger pump.
  5. Fire pump relief valves, when required, should be piped back into the suction.
  6. Check the local code NFPA Standard 20, and FM Global Data Sheets 3-7N for the fire pump room construction.

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